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Hello, and welcome to Z&M Santa Tracker LIVE's official website! We are a group of fellow santa trackers who are in love with the spirit of Christmas, and well, of course, Tracking Santa on Christmas Eve. We follow NORAD each year as they track santa on his journey around the world, delivering presents to all the children of the world. Using the latest technology, we're able to pintpoint the location of Santa, and using our valuable partners and resources, we're able to deliver the message of the red man's location throughout the day, whether it be in the live show, or a form of social media. We here at Z&M Santa Tracker LIVE set out to give our viewers the best experience with Tracking Santa on Christmas Eve they have. Our goal is to entertain our viewers, and get them to talk about us to other people so that they will hopefully come back and tune in to our show and website the following year. This business all started in 2011, and it has been rapidly growing ever since. Our shows have gotten more viewers every year, and we hope to get even more this year! Follow our website's "Blog" page, or follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates. The staff give live updates on Santa's current location throughout the live show, since not everyone can make it to the stream; we provide convenience for those who can't watch on social media, as well. The company is focused on giving people the yuletide cheer they deserve, and tracking the jolly old elf on Christmas Eve alongside NORAD, and other partners. Thank You for checking out our website; there is so much more on here to see; go check the rest out! Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

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Here at Z&M Santa Tracker Live, we have a couple forms of social media, in order for you to keep track of Santa's locations on Christmas Eve, or just getting updates throughout the year. By checking these links out, you can get tons of benefits; following us on Twitter allows you to keep in contact with the Live Show, the times and lcoation updates, or subcscribing to view the newest Santa Cams being uploaded to YouTube on our YouTube Channel. For those who don't make the stream, constant location updates appear on Twitter so you don't miss a thing! These social media links are confidential, and are definitely helpful for you to keep in touch with us everywhere throughout the Holiday season!



December 22nd, 2016..10:10 P.M

It's finally here! The stage is set! In just under 24 hours, Z&M Santa Tracker LIVE will be hosting their first ever pre-show, from 9PM - 11:30PM CST. There has been an update regarding this year's schedule as well! This year's 5th annual Live show will start at 2AM CST, since Santa's launch takes place around that time. Us here at Z&M Santa Tracker LIVE feel as though it would be best to cover Santa's entire launch sequence in the show, too. This year's show has so many new surprises for it! Another secret we've been holding onto for a few weeks is a Santa Cam, personalized by the staff here at the HQ! This Santa Cam lets you and us see into the North Pole, and see what Santa is up to before his launch commences. The Cam brings inside info as to what his workshop and village should look like, and what it consists of. There is even more in store for you viewers as the final hours close in to the show! There is still final preparing for us to do, so we better get busy. For now though, be ready to set your calendar, and join us for our pre-show tomorrow at 9PM, and as well as setting your alarm for 2AM CST Christmas Eve, as we will bring you full coverage of Santa's launch alongside the intended stream! Thank You, stay warm, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Happy Holidays!


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